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Pray not for lighter burdens, pray instead for stronger backs.

   -Phillips Brooks

I am the Lead Pastor at the Loveland United Methodist Church and the Morrow United Methodist Church, two congregations in South West Ohio.

My most recent competition was The Masters of Iron at the Arnold Sports Festival on March 1, 2024.  I lift at a body weight of 67.5 kg weight class (148.5 lbs), and am 62 years old.  My shoulder has been hurting, so my bench was off.  I squatted 150 kg (330lbs), 160 kg (352 lbs.), and 165 kg (363 lbs).  I benched 110 kg (242 lbs.), and missed two tries at 117.5 kg 120 kg (259 lbs).  I dead lifted 185 kg (405 lbs), 200 kg (440 lbs), and then 205 kg (451 lbs).  My total was 480 kg (1,056 lbs.).  


My last meet before that was Raw Nationals in Memphis on Sept. 14, 2023.  I lifted in the 67.5 kg weight class (148.5 lbs), the 60-70 age group.  I squatted 150 kg (330lbs), missed 165 kg (352 lbs.), and got 165 (363 lbs) on my 3rd attempt.  I benched 110 kg (242 lbs.), 120 kg (264 lbs), and missed an attempt at 122.5 kg (170 lbs) which would have ben an American Record.  I dead lifted 185 kg (405 lbs), then missed 205 kg (451 lbs), and then made 205 kg (451 lbs) for the win by about 5 lbs.  My total was 490 kg (1,078 lbs.).  

My next meet will be Raw Nationals on Sept. 5, 2024 Salt Lake City.      

My first powerlifting competition was the Auburn Open (upstate New York) in 1983.  I placed 4th in the 123lb. weight class, but loved the experience.  I have been competing for 40 years.

In College I was the President of the Cornell Weightlifting Club.

In 1987 I won the American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation's (ADFPA) National Championship in the 132lb weight class.

That qualified me to compete in the World Drug Free Powerlifting Association's (WDFPA) first ever World Championship in 1988, establishing World Records in the squat, bench press, dead lift, and total.

I won the ADFPA Nationals and the WDFPA World Championships again in 1994, 1995, and 1996.

It has also been my honor to be an Olympic Chaplain for the athletes in the Olympic Village during the Centennial Games in Atlanta in 1996.

The ADFPA has since become USA Powerlifting.  I won Nationals as a Master (50-59 year old age group) in 2014.  I have won Nationals as a Master (60-70 year old age group in  2022 and 2023.


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